Our Community

Erraid family November 2013Founded in 1978 the Erraid Community is part of the Findhorn Foundation. We are a spiritual community and the thread that brings us together is our search for a holistic quality of life and a greater expression of our divinity.

The resident group on the island usually consists of between 6 – 10 members, including single people, blessing the foodcouples and families. Turnover is gradual with most members staying for three years or more.
During their time on the island members are custodians of a simple and largely unchanging way of life. They live in close proximity to each other and work solely within the community.

Each member has an area of focus for which they are responsible, for DSCN9541example, the gardens, kitchen, homecare, animals, maintenance or candle making. Our daily tasks which we view as Love in Action revolve around these areas for members and guests alike.

Meditation, group sharings and communal meals create a strong sense of unity and solidarity. We also celebrate the Celtic Festivals throughout the year, giving us a greater appreciation for the rhythms and seasonal cycles of life.Balfour Bay