Adjustments due to Covid-19

Covid-19 adjustments

During the Covid lockdown in Scotland we were closed to guests. We are delighted to be opening our doors again as we have really missed the energy and insights that guests bring.

We are mindful in doing so not only because it is important that we protect you and our community, but also because we need to respect our neighbours on Mull.  As an isolated community emergency health services for those who get seriously ill are not close by and we are attuned to wider concerns of our neighbours about the islands opening up to visitors.

Social distancing in a community like ours where we live and work together, sharing small spaces for meetings, meditations and community meals is challenging.  We have therefore, reluctantly, taken the decision to not allow guests to share communual spaces, with the exception of our large boat shed, for two weeks prior to integrating with us. You will have one of our terraced cottages to yourself for the first two weeks of your stay and it will have been cleaned following the requirements for the hospitality sector.  You will sadly not be able to join in our community gatherings during this time unless they can be outside or in our boat shed (which is weather dependent).

Our offer is simply to enable us to comply with social distancing requirements.  Therefore please note we are currently only able to offer visits to guests who are coming from the UK or countries with travel corridors to the United Kingdom, and who have not travelled from or visited non-travel corridor countries in the previous 14 days.  Have a look here for the different guidelines depending on whether you are entering the UK via England, or Scotland).

Our social distancing measures also means we have taken the difficult decision to not offer full Love in Action opportunities during this first two weeks.  However, we will still welcome your help outside, for example in our gardens and woodland area.

We really appreciate this will be disappointing, particularly to those who have visited us before and those who are not able to stay with us long term. We hope that the offer of a retreat within our spiritual community still appeals to you and you give the island an opportunity to pass on its magic to you.  We will be able to offer some experiences that will give your retreat week structure and give us an opportunity to get to know you a little, and it will be your choice whether you wish to take part or would prefer not to.

Rest assured that one member of our community will act as the contact point for you during your retreat, providing you with information and support.  We all look forward to the day when we can integrate all our guests more fully into life here on Erraid once again.