Erraid Bursary Fund

Helping those who would otherwise not be able to afford to visit us.   

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Erraid offers an opportunity to immerse in raw nature, to connect to spirit, to experience an established intentional community, to participate in the joy of work that serves others … and members of the community have been welcoming guests here for over 40 years.

Recent months have been unprecedented and Covid lockdown has meant we have been closed to guests since late March. We have missed the vibrancy and fresh energy they bring as well as the end of week feedback, which so often touches our hearts. And the loss of income has also caused us concern.  As Scottish Government restrictions ease, we are encouraging guests to come for a longer stay, so that guests can be fully integrated in the community once they have had two weeks here on retreat.

Your support

We want to remain welcoming to as many as possible, regardless of their background, and to support this we are establishing the Erraid Bursary Fund.  The fund will be used to support the living costs of guests who would otherwise not be able to afford to stay, including those who need help to be able to afford to stay here longer.

Please help us to establish the fund by making a contribution today and consider whether you would be willing to make a regular gift. We promise to provide donors with feedback on the specific individuals supported with the fund so that you know a little of their story and the impact of a visit to our beautiful island community.

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Our finances

Erraid is part of the Findhorn Foundation, a registered charity (Scottish registered charity number  ), however it has always been self-supporting, generating the majority of income to support the day to day costs of our island life from guests. Like everyone else we have utility bills, transport costs, food purchases ….. Whilst the island is owned by a Dutch family, the community also covers day to day maintenance costs of the land, houses and vehicles including the tractor and boats. We need to know that we always have a pot of funds to cover the unexpected.

Fortunately, until recently, we have had still had some long term guests and have had healthy reserves to fall back on. We are already being mindful of the decline in our reserves; minimising expenditure and agreeing how to implement a reduction in members stipend. However, with less guests in the forseeable future, we need to keep a close eye on our account books and are conscious of the need to ensure each bed we offer contributes to our financial security.

That said we still want to keep our offer affordable and do not intend to increase our financial attunement request.

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