Special Event: Animal Communication Retreat

Animal Communication and Nature Connection Retreat 14/09/2019

With Jacqueline Buckingham and Lesley Downie

Spend a week immersed in the raw beauty of the west coast of Scotland, while deepening your connection to nature and practicing your animal communication skills with a group of like-minded people.

If you have previously studied animal communication, or interspecies communication, and are looking to deepen your practice in a beautiful natural setting then this retreat is for you.

During the week there will be several opportunities to explore the island and visit Balfour Bay, the inspiration for R L Stephenson’s book Kidnapped, the Narrows, Hanging Rock and the Wishing Stone, while encountering seals, birdlife and the resident flock of sheep. A whole day will be spent roaming the nearby ancient oak woodlands together, in silence.

We will use our interspecies communication skills as part of a group project in the community’s gardens, and all the while you will also be woven into the rhythms of life in the community, with daily meditations and shared meals.

Each day will include time together with plenty of opportunity to practice communication, sharing and mentoring one another.

Give yourself the gift of a week immersed in the raw beauty of the Scottish islands, while deepening your interspecies communication skills and meeting a group of like-minded souls.

Price: Attunement £550 – £450 -£350

Booking: www.erraid.com/booking-form