Our beautiful minibus, also known as “the van” is 5 years old, and rain, wind and salt water are giving him a hard time. He already had to spend a week in the garage this year and it made our lives on Erraid much more difficult. Recently, we are sending little prayers for the van to start since most of the time it takes more than 2 attempts.

Living on a remote island means depending on our own transport. The van picks up guests on Saturdays and brings them to the Iona ferry on Wednesdays. He helps get milk, vegetables, fruit and the post. He brings our rubbish to Fionnphort and transports members to the doctor. 
Everyone on the island depends on the van, and that is why we ask for your support to buy a new vehicle. We would like to raise £10,000.

Every donation will automatically be entered in our Erraid drawing. What you can win? Have a guess!

Right, you could have the pleasure of staying with us as a retreat guest for one week for free. All you need to do is to click on “Donate now” and support us with any amount you feel comfortable with. 
You will be listed on our website as a donor. The day we have raised £10,000 we will draw the winner on video and put it online. And of course we will contact the lucky one via Email or phone.

We would like to thank everyone who is able to support us with their donation! And good luck with the raffle!

The Erraid Family

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Total amount raised: £3,503.40