Rock of Erraid is a collection of songs inspired by life on the tiny tidal Isle of Erraid. It is an album about the joys and challenges of living on the island. There are songs about living a fulfilled, conscious life and about the quest to live a more meaningful life.The songs were written and crafted on the island between 2011 and 2014.

Steve Pittam wrote the songs, played guitar and sang. Arjette Kasperts played cello and Wouter De Jong played percussion. The songs were recorded one wild and windy December day in 2014, at An Tobar recording studio, Tobermory. The songs were all recorded live in one afternoon, giving them an “as live” sound and feel.

The price of a digital album is 8 pounds and you can find it on Bandcamp, see below. Physical copies are available on the island and on Mull (Island Crafts and An Tobar in Tobermory and The Crofters’ Kitchen and Garden in Kintra). Please get in touch if you would like a copy sent to you. The price for this is 10 pounds, excl. p&p.

Rock of Erraid on Bandcamp

In addition to the original full album, we also have a Soundcloud page where you can find live recordings and demos of some of the songs. Enjoy!

Live recordings and demos on Soundcloud