Wood is the source of heat for all the houses on Erraid
since the community began in 1978 years ago, and so the cutting and splitting of wood is an essential part of life here on Erraid all year round.                                                                                                                                  All the wood (mainly Larch), we burn on Erraid is locally sourced from Tiroran forest on isle of Mull.  The wood burning stoves heat the hot water for radiators and showers. The scraps and bark go back to the gardens as mulch, as well as the sawdust from chain sawing supplying our compost toilets meaning that nothing is wasted.  This all helps us with one of our aims of living a sustainable lifestyle.


At low tide we use the tractor to bring the wood
across the beach, before it is chain sawed, split and stacked ready. Then about once a week everyone who is on Erraid that week do a wood run from the wood shed up into the houses with a chain of people to load and unload the trailer. This process is a team effort of residents, guest and volunteers all playing a big role in helping keep this cycle turning.