Retreat Weeks

We are currently only able to offer you the chance to visit us as a Retreat Week for the first two weeks of your stay.

During this time you, and any others from your household who wish to come, will have your own cottage on our street to stay in. We will provide you with meals and can offer outdoor guided experiences such as exploring our stunning island, walking our labyrinth and participating in ceremonies (for the seasons and full moon). You will have plenty of time to explore, take a dip in the sea, meditate & read in your house in front of a cosy fire and to reflect and take space from your normal life. However, sadly you will only be offered outside Love in Action activities in our gardens and woodland and social distancing restrictions mean you will not be able to integrate within our community by attending our regular gatherings and sharing meals in our dining room during this time, (unless the weather is good enough for meals and meetings to be outside).

If you stay beyond this two weeks you can remain a Retreat guest or become a Love in Action long term guest.  You can have as little or as much interaction in community life as you like. As a retreat guest you can then follow some of the structure of the Love In Action Week or decide to only join in for meals or social activities. We will put you on our KP-rota (Kitchen Party to wash up dishes) for 1 or 2 shifts, and at the end of your stay we invite you to put some love back in your cottage by cleaning it and leaving it as you found it.

Wednesdays are a rest day in the community.  However, often we can take you to Fionnphort where you can catch the ferry across to the Isle of Iona and explore its mystical beaches and the ancient abbey holding the graves of kings… Unfortunately this will not always be possible, especially in winter, due to the weather or available boaters.

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“These two weeks have been extremely important and meaningful to me.  I could say I remembered the rhythm of my own being / soul for the first time in over twenty years.”   Guest after two weeks of retreat, November 2020