Welcome to The Isle of Erraid

The tiny Hebridean Isle of Erraid has been home to a small group of members of the Findhorn Foundation for over 40 years. Living life on a remote Scottish island brings us to the forefront of experiencing nature at its rawest, which allows us to hold a deeper connection to the land, the ocean, the weather and the spirit that encompasses us all. Our vision for our community and the island is to live in as eco-friendly and sustainable way as is possible whilst practising our spiritual values and living consciously.

We seek to follow and inspire a spiritual approach to life by connecting people to nature, to their inner wisdom and by making work a sacred act which we call Love in Action.

Our community is open to guests and you are welcome to join our small family for a week or more. Many people have been called to Erraid to engage in community/alternative living, to be part of learning how to live more sustainably and to live off the land and sea, whilst experiencing its outstanding stillness and beauty.

If a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life sounds more appealing, Erraid can be the perfect setting for this. If you are looking for a new direction in your life we will give you the space and time to reflect amidst the island’s raw beauty. A retreat is also perfect for a family holiday, as everyone loves the freedom and the sense of adventure here.

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You may also like to watch the episode of ‘New Lives in the Wild’ with Ben Fogle that features one of our former members, Philip. This Channel 5 programme has viewers in many parts of the world that Ben has visited during the popular long running series.  The Erraid episode was filmed in March 2021 and first aired on 21st September 2021. You can download it here.