Erraid’s Animals and Wildlife

Part of our lives here on Erraid is looking after our animals. The relationship we have  is one of loving respect, as we explore conscious cooperation with the animal kingdom.

In the byre we keep our chicken family. They give the community their wonderful eggs in different sizes and colours. Every few months a group of chicks is born with the help of a breeding machine.

Our community cats Moonlight and Shadow have lived with us a long time.  They were found abandoned on Mull by one of the members of the community and were small and malnourished. Thanks to the loving care and patience of the residents they grew up to be playful cats. They tend to turn up when people are in need of emotional care.  Pippin has joined them more recently.

There is a herd of Black Face sheep on Erraid belonging to the local shepherd, which the community helps with throughout the year. Sheep round-ups are a favourite with guests, who are invited to join in.

And we are blessed by wonderful wildlife on Erraid too – from birds of prey, herons, deer and hedgehogs.