Video gallery

2023 – A tribute to Erraid during the Samhain harvest

2022 – A beautiful mini film from Ben, guest on Erraid

2019 – Tenderness.  A video based on the angel quality of ‘Tenderness’. Made by the Erraid group at that time.

2018 – Spring. A video made by Wouter De Jong (an ex-member of the Erraid Community), and  photographs by Wouter De Jong and Kevin Curtis. Music: first the Erraid Boat Song played by a guest of Erraid, and second New Story by Rock of Erraid, the album is here.

2012 – Vimeo – Click here.

2011 – Erraid documentary I spent a number of weeks on this island and wanted to document daily life, the natural surroundings which inhabited the island, the breathtaking landscapes and the people who lived here and what they thought about the living of an alternative lifestyle.