Prices and bookings


If you would like to book your stay on Erraid, please fill in this booking form. We will reply to your booking through email in the next few days. If you have any questions, please email via or phone us on 01681 700384.

A non-refundable deposit of £100 confirms your stay with us.
You can pay by
– Making a bank transfer.
– Through Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account. Transaction fee £3.40.

Please read this important information before your stay.
Here you can find the Guest Privacy Statement Erraid.


All prices are fully residential and include all meals, which are mostly vegetarian. Our prices are on a sliding scale according to individual circumstances. Please be aware that at the end of your stay on Erraid you will ‘attune’ to the final amount you will pay. This financial ‘attunement’ includes a short meditation during which you tune in to the amount of money you would like to give to the community. We like to see your financial contribution as an energy exchange. Through this contribution you allow the community to keep going and allow other guests to come and experience the island.

We provide a sliding scale for payments and three suggestions.  The minimum price is intended for people who experience financial difficulties. The middle price covers the costs of your stay and helps to sustain the community and the costs of maintenance required by the owners of the island. Anything above the middle price contributes to the bigger picture, e.g. maintenance improvements; possibility of participation of guests who don’t have the financial means to visit; financial fall-back for the community when unexpected costs arise. You are welcome to attune to any amount between the three suggestions.


Short term guests (short stays and first two weeks of long stay)
Adults: Sliding scale of £550 – £450 – £350 / week by attunement.
Children up to 4 years are free; 5 – 14 pay half price; and 15+ pay the adult rate.

Long term guests (from week three)
Long term retreat – Adults: £150 / week.
Long term Love in Action – Adults £100 / week.
Children up to 4 years are free; 5 – 14 pay half price; and 15+ pay the adult rate.

We want to support those who are unable to afford to come to stay here and welcome applications to the Erraid Bursary Fund.  Please contact us if you wish to apply.

“Wonderful brilliance of spirit at the Isle of Erraid! I love the energy of the sea with the winter winds carrying the storms of change. I feel cleansed and restored, rejuvenated  and inspired.”
Dylan – December 2017