Prices and bookings


If you would like to book your stay on Erraid, please fill in this booking form. We will reply to your booking through email within 7-10 business days. If you have any questions, or you haven’t heard from us and your stay is upcoming please email via

A non-refundable deposit of £125 / adult for Love in Action guests and £175 / adult for Retreat guests confirms your stay with us.  You can pay by making a bank transfer.

Please read this important information before your stay.
Here you can find the Guest Privacy Statement Erraid.


All prices are fully residential and include all meals, which are mostly vegetarian. At the end of your stay you will ‘attune’ to the final amount you pay. Your contribution ensures our community can continue to thrive.

We provide a sliding scale of prices with three suggestions. 

The minimum price covers the basic costs of your visit and is intended for people with limited financial resources.  The middle price covers the costs of your stay and contritutes to some of the maintenance costs that we are responsible for.  Anything above the middle price contributes to larger investments that we need to make. 

Prices current from 22nd April 2024.

Retreat guests.

Adults: Sliding scale of £700 – £600 – £500 per week by attunement. 

Children up to 4 years are free

5 – 14 years –  half price

15+ adult rate

Special Love in Action/Retreat Weeks

Adults: Sliding scale £625 -£525:– £425 for the week by attunement

Children up to 4 years – free

5 – 14 – half price

15+ – adult rate

Short term Love in Action guests, (first 2 weeks)

Adults: Sliding scale of £550 – £450 – £350 per week by attunement

Children up to 4 years – free

5 – 14 – half price

15+ – adult rate

Long term Retreat guests (from week three)

We have limited spaces for retreat guests as we are a working community and need the support to live on a remote island, therefore, retreat stays are up to two weeks.

You may, however, transfer to Long term Love in Action guest and pay £150 per week from week three.

Long term Love in Action guests, (from week three)

Long term Love in action guest’s price reflects a greater commitment to the community, with regards to taking on more responsibility within the community. Maybe, becoming responsible for certain areas alongside members as community support.

Adults £150 per week.

Children up to 4 years are free

5 – 14 half price

15+ – adult rate

All guests, please be aware that your initial booking is for one or two weeks.  

If you wish to stay longer, it is by  attunement by the member group. 

This process is to ensure that the community as a whole is maintained in a climate of openness and integrity. 

Note: We can offer a small number of Love in Action guests a reduced cost if you have financial difficulties. Please request this within your booking form.

“Wonderful brilliance of spirit at the Isle of Erraid! I love the energy of the sea with the winter winds carrying the storms of change. I feel cleansed and restored, rejuvenated  and inspired.”
Dylan – December 2017