Things you might like to know…

Arriving by public transport

If you are coming by public transport you will be arriving by bus at Fionnphort, where you will be picked up by one of the Erraid members. You can purchase the bus ticket on the bus. Please get out at the last stop, where one of us will meet you in our vehicle. We will take you to Knockvologan and then it’s a thirty minute walk over boggy uneven ground.

Please find more information about travelling by public transport here.

Wintertime Travelling

If you are coming to visit in the wintertime, please make sure that you will be in Fionnphort around 12 pm. In the wintertime it might be possible that it is too windy to go out in the boat, so there is always a possibility that you might have to walk over to Erraid. In that case one of us will come and pick you up in Fionnphort and take you to a farm on Mull from where we can walk onto Erraid. Most of the time that is possible as Erraid is a tidal island. So you will be walking through fields and over the beach. In that case we will bring wellies for you. If you come and visit us in the winter it’s good to bring a rucksack instead of a suitcase, just in case… Especially in the wintertime you might not be able to make the journey to Erraid in one day. That means that you might have to spend the night before your arrival and the night after you left Erraid on the mainland.


You will live in shared accommodation. Most of the old lighthouse keepers’ cottages we live in are the home to one of our community residents. Each house has two side rooms for guests. Each of the side rooms has two beds and the two rooms are connected through a door. Most of the time you will be able to have one of the side rooms to yourself, but if we have a lot of guests you might share your room.


We have wonderful outside composting toilets with beautiful views as well as indoor flushing toilets. Occasionally in summer if our rain water collection is low we have to only use the composting loos.

Things to bring…

… If possible bring a backpack instead of a suitcase

… indoor shoes or slippers

… wellington boots (you can borrow some of ours if you don’t want to carry yours)

… waterproof jackets and trousers (you can also borrow some of ours)

… you don’t need to bring sheets, towels or sleepingbag

Things we would like to know…

… It would be lovely if you could write a letter to us to introduce yourself on the booking form sent to you so we can get to know you a little bit before you arrive.

… Please call us or send an email with your credit card details to pay the £100 deposit to confirm your booking.

… Please let us know on the booking form we send you if you have any food allergies or medical needs before your arrival.