Ways to Be on Erraid

Ways to be on Erraid What it means Cost
How to Book/Participate
Visit as a Love in Action guest Join in completely with community life (meals, meditations, sharings, music), including work shifts all day Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and Friday morning. £550-350 by attunement*
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Visit as a Retreat guest Stay on Erraid for 1-2 weeks.
Join in with as much or as little as you prefer of community life (meals, meditations, sharings, music, work shifts)
£700-500 by attunement*
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Long-term guest Participate in two Love in Action weeks to assess whether staying is appropriate. If it is, you can stay for another 10 weeks, fully participating in community life and perhaps taking more responsibility. £150/week per adult, £75/week per child
Book as for Love in Action week. After two Love in Action weeks, members will attune** to whether it is appropriate for you to become a Long-Term Guest.
Membership The membership process comprises these steps:

  • Two Love in Action Weeks and optional two weeks Long Term Guest, or work exchange minimum 4 weeks max 12 weeks
  • 4-6 weeks as a Trial Member, taking some responsibility with areas
  • Become a member
  • Progression to each step occurs after members attune
See Love in Action price & Long Term Guest price
Work Exchange Stay on Erraid for 4-12 weeks.
Bring your specialised skill (plumbing, electrical, maintenance, boat/tractor, cooking, gardening).
Work 5 days/week.
Participate in some aspects of community life.
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No cost to you and no payment from Erraid

* Prices are on a sliding scale. The price you pay will be decided in a financial attunement at the end of your week.
** To ‘attune’ is to sit in meditation with the relevant information, asking that a final decision reflects divine guidance and your own inner knowing of what is best for the highest good of all.

These structures support simplicity, clarity and transparency. Under certain circumstances, flexibility is possible at the discretion of the members and depending on space and community needs.