Love In Action Weeks

Available Love in Action weeks 2017 (Celtic Festival Weeks mentioned in brackets):

reading in the lounge—–
January 7 – 14
January 14 – 21
January 21 – 28
January 28 – February 4 (Imbolc)
February 4 – 11
February 18 – 25
February 25 – March 4
March 4 – 11
March 11 – 18
March 18 – 25 (Spring Equinox)
March 25 – April 1
April 1 – 8
April 8 – 15
April 15 – 22
April 29 – May 6 (Beltane)
May 6 – 13

May 20 – 27
June 3 – 10
June 10 – 17 ? possibly closed
June 17 – 24 (Summer Solstice)
July 1 – 8 (Summer Clean)


August 26 – September 2
September 2 – 9
September 9 – 16
September 16 – 23 (Mabon)
September 23 – September 30


September 30 – 7
October 14 – 21
October 21 – 28


October 28 – November 4 (Samhain)
November 4 – 11
November 11 – 18

December 9 – 16


What does a Love in Action week look like?

Arriving on Saturday there is plenty of time to settle into your cottage and have a cup of tea before a short tour of our settlement to ensure you know your way aroBalfour Bayund. On Sunday we have a ’start of the week’ meditation in our beautiful sanctuary followed by a walk across the island, where you can look at the lighthouses from the observatory, make a wish on the wishing stone, watch the seals at ’Seal Bay’, dip your feet in the azure waters of our beautiful beach ’Balfour Bay’ and enjoy the unspoiled wildness of this ancient landscape.

Most weekdays begin with a meeting at 9.15am, and then we join together to help with the many tasks on offer. We see doing our communal Candle makingchores as ’Love in Action’ and you can choose where you would like to join in. Depending on the season and needs of the community it could be the gardens, cooking, maintenance, painting, decorating, firewood and on occasion the candle studio. After a sociable tea break in our dining room at 11.15 am we recommence our ’Love in Action’ and have lunch at 12.30. We come back together again at 2 pm for ‘Love in Action’ for the afternoon to finish around 4.45 pm in time for meditation and sometimes singing. We complete the day with dinner at 6pm and then you have the evening to yourselves. Sometimes evenings are spent together going for walks, playing games, making music, watching films, swimming in the sea and much more…

After joining us for our daily tasks on Monday and Tuesday, you have a baking breadfree day on Wednesday where you can rest, take a walk on the island, or we can take you to Fionnphort where you can catch the ferry across to the Isle of Iona and explore its mystical beaches and the ancient abbey holding the graves of kings…

Thursday we join together in the daily rhythms again which leads us into Friday. On Friday morning we will have more time for sharing about our experiences of the week. Our morning sharing is followed by homecare in our cottages. The afternoon is given over to your ‘personal completion’ where you will have space to do whatever you feel you need to do to complete your stay on the island. This may be anything you wish: exploring new places on the island like ‘Hanging Rock’ and ‘Pigeon Cave’, enjoying the white sands of Balfour Bay once more, jumping off the pier, reading a book, gardening or whatever you feel drawn to do on your last afternoon on Erraid. On Friday we also complete with the ‘end of week’ meditation, followed by the ‘financial attunement’. On Saturday morning it is time to leave the island… for this time.

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On the beach.