Loving kindness

Living on the Isle of Erraid (a tiny tidal island off the west coast of Scotland with a population of between 4 and 34), means that because there can be so few people living there, the way that we as individuals live our life, strongly influences the rest of the group that is living on the island at that time. This provides a great opportunity to co-create the environment that we would like to live in.

In the world outside of Erraid, it may seem as though we have less of an opportunity to co-create our environment because there are more people around us or we are operating in a larger area, but I would argue, that the way we behave affects the people close to us and not so close to us equally as strongly as an individual can affect a small group living on Erraid. Although we may not see and experience the results of our behaviour as quickly or clearly, we still co-create our environment.

Therefore, whenever, wherever and however we show loving kindness, the world we live in becomes a better place.