Work Exchange on Erraid

Sometimes people wish to visit Erraid but cannot afford the Love in Action or Retreat Weeks. At times the community needs particular skills, If you have skills, such as maintenance, painting and decorating, gardening or cooking then there may be an opportunity to support us as a work exchange. You would also be expected to help with washing up after community meals, clean communal areas on Saturdays in preparation for the arrival of Guests

A Work Exchange guest is expected to work 5 full days per week, Sunday and Wednesday are free days. You are welcome to participate in community meals and some meditations. S/he may not participate in all meditations, sharings and meetings as these can be specific to residents. You will have you own room in one of our cottages which you would share with members, guests or residents.

There is no cost and no payment for Work Exchange.

We welcome participants in Work Exchange to stay for 2-12 weeks. After 2 weeks, there is always a review to see whether the arrangement is working for you and for the community after which it may be agreed that you can stay longer.

If you are interested in Work Exchange, please send us an email, telling us the skill(s) you offer and the amount of time you would like to stay.

You can also contact us through HelpX.